Welcome to the Website of the “WILDERNESS Evangelistic Association”.

“The voice of one crying in the WILDERNESS”

Standing upon the old time Fundamentals of the Faith, once delivered to the Saints. We are Fundamental, Independent Baptists. We are not associated with any group, Denomination, National, or World Council of Churches. Our ONLY textbook is the King James Bible. We seek to preach the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the nations of the world. We trust that we can be a blessing and an influence in YOUR walk with Christ. If you do not know The Lord Jesus Christ in free pardon of your sin, we trust that we can help you understand your need of Him, and that you receive Him as your own Personal Saviour, TODAY! We seek to promote home Bible study, (KJB) in your life. We seek to encourage each of us to be involved in personal soul winning. We stand with every Bible Believing (KJB) local New Testament Church. Please check “PUBLICATION ARCHIVES” on the MAIN MENU list for several years of Messages on many topics. Trusting that this site will be a blessing to you.

The “WILDERNESS”is an outreach ministry of: YUKON BAPTIST CHURCH

“I am the ROSE of Sharon, and the LILY of the Valleys.” (Song Of Solomon 2:1)