By Ashley Stevens


Well, it’s that time again…it’s Christmas time! It’s time to feel the crisp cold air, snow falling from the sky, beautiful Christmas lights hung all around, and the smell of cookies baking in the oven, but the most important part about Christmas is being reminded about our Great Saviour’s birth.
We’ve often heard the saying; “All I want for Christmas is…” Whether it is about a new gadget, a puppy, a new toy, or whatever it may be. We tend to think about the things that we want or “need.” Sometimes we get too wrapped up in what we want and our selfish ways. I have a challenge for everyone this Christmas season. Instead of thinking about things that we want for Christmas, like worldly things, let’s start thinking more about things that would be honoring to God, sort of, our Christmas gift to God. There are many things that you can do this Holiday season that will be honoring to God. You could just simply hand out tracts when you go grocery shopping, spend some time with an elderly person who may be spending the Holiday season alone. You could share some Bible verses with friends at school or visit a loved one in the hospital, or prison. You never know what might happen when you open doors like that. Don’t forget these opportunities aren’t just around when it’s the holidays, you can be honoring Christ all year long.

P.S. Keep CHRIST in CHRISTmas!

Until next time…………………….Ashley Stevens