By Mildred Mills


Another year has come and gone and we have been blessed! So many prayers answered, and all our needs met, good health, strength and so many blessings we can’t name them all. What a good God we serve! When He saved us He promised to keep us, and He has. Now a brand New Year is here and He is standing ready to see us through it. He will protect His children no matter what the future brings…

“Jesus is near, to comfort and cheer,
Just when I need Him most.”

Rest in the Lord and don’t spend all your days worrying about the “what if’s.” If this New Year brings sickness, loneliness or even death, just remember that you are His child and He is with you through it all, the good times and the bad.
The important thing is to make sure you belong to Him. Make sure you have accepted Him as your own personal Saviour. Open the door of your heart and ask Him to come in and He will. What a joy to know that He is yours and you are His forever and forever. As a child of God you will have a Heavenly Father to watch over you, to care for you, and to be with you in every situation, the good times and the bad. Don’t go through another year without the Lord. Accept Him today and rest in Him. I don’t know what the New Year will bring but I do know my Heavenly Father will be right there with me, without a doubt.
Have a New Year filled with His Blessings!