Vol. 37, No.7 WHY CHANGE?

Vol. 37, No.7  “For I am the LORD, I change not.”

 July, 2013
By Dr. George Mills

We are living in a rapidly changing world. Something that is new today will be changed tomorrow. Some things need to be changed, but we must stay on the “Old Paths.”              
Recently I heard a Preacher say, “The hardest thing that I have ever done is to get the Church to accept change. People just don’t like to change, and especially in the Church.” WHY CHANGE? Why would we want to change anything that has worked for centuries? But there is a great and growing movement for change. As for me, I’m satisfied. Once I was lost in sin, and on my way to hell. Jesus Christ became my Personal Saviour in August, 1960. He became mine; I became His, through Faith in His Finished Work. I became part of a local Church that day, and have been part of a local Church since that day. I’m happy! The only thing that I want to see changed is for the membership to really get under the burden of reaching the world with the Gospel of Christ. Change just for the sake of change just doesn’t make any sense. Let me share with you some things that do not need to be changed. Take, for instance, the

Music of the Church.
Sometime ago Mrs. Mills and I visited  a CHURCH, one with which we are very familiar. That Church had been a wonderful inspiration in our lives in years past. At the beginning of the service the song leader had the congregation stand and sing the songs listed in the bulletin. The old hymn book was not used. Instead we just stood there and looked at the wall where the words of the music were displayed on a screen. I had never heard the words or the tune to the songs. I believe that this is called “Contemporary Gospel Music.” I well remember when that same Church sang from the old hymn book and the congregation sang out and lifted the rafters with their singing. That’s all gone now. Just stand there and look at the wall and sing. I noticed that during the song service, one of the old hymns was displayed on the screen. I noticed that when the congregation sang that old hymn, the singing elevated 100%. Now, I have nothing against new songs. New songs are written every day, however, most of the songs written today only touch the emotions. There’s not much doctrine (if any) in the lyrics. The one reason why the old Hymns have lasted so long, and will continue to last is because they are filled with great doctrine. The old way, the old paths, the old music, God has blessed, so,WHY CHANGE THE MUSIC?

 THE WORD HAS NOT CHANGED. God, in His infinite Wisdom gave to the
English speaking people of the world His Inspired, Infallible, Preserved Word, The King James Bible. God has blessed and used this wonderful Book to reach the nations with the Gospel of His Son, The Lord Jesus. This Book has stood the test of time. It has been attacked, ridiculed, slandered. And still the wonderful KJV stands on It’s own historical record as the Inspired Word Of God. In recent years, many, many new “versions” and “para-phrases” have hit the pulpits across America. The Thing that amazes me is that a careful look at each one of these new “versions” clearly reveals an attack on the Person and Work of Jesus Christ. His Eternality is attacked, His Virgin Birth is attacked, His Miracles are attacked. Many passages are left out. The list could go on and on. If Preachers believe and use  these new “versions,” they are preaching “Another Jesus, Another spirit, and another gospel.” (2Cor 11:4). Remember the words of Paul, “If any man preach any other gospel unto you than ye have received, let him be accursed.” A careful examination of new “versions” reveals “another Jesus” “another gospel” and “another spirit.” ME, I haven’t changed. I will stay with the BOOK that brought me to Christ. By the way, If you want to hear a church speak in “tongues” just let the congregation bring their “versions” to Church, and have them stand, and responsively read aloud from their “version” You will hear “Confusion” God is NOT in this confusion. God’s Message is in His Book so, WHY CHANGE THE MESSAGE? 

CHRIST HAS NOT CHANGED. The Bible clearly says, “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and forever.” (Heb 13:8)..

HE IS THE SAME IN HIS PERSON. He is still Lord and Christ. He is still the Eternal Son, The Eternal Saviour, and the Eternal Word. His PERSON never changes.         

HE IS THE SAME IN POWER. “All Power is given unto Me in Heaven and in earth.”  He displayed His Power time and time again while He lived among men. He has that same Power, ALL POWER. He has power to save anybody who will believe and receive Him. He has power to change lives. He has power to answer prayer.

 HE IS THE SAME IN HIS PROGRAM. His program is still the same. He has a plan of Salvation for all nations. His program is for the Church to take His Gospel to all nations. And  He will return for the Church according to His program. Man will never be able to figure the time or season when He returns for His Church.
Christ is still the same, so, WHY CHANGE THE MASTER?

 THE GOSPEL HAS NOT CHANGED. “For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, for it is the Power of God unto Salvation to everyone that believeth, to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.” (Ro 1:16) Paul’s desire was to preach the Gospel at Rome. He had seen the Gospel work at Jerusalem, At Antioch, Ephesus, Corinth, Athens, in the region of Galatia, and throughout Asia Minor. Paul knew that the same Gospel that had turned the world upside down would work at Rome also. The Power of the Gospel has not changed today. It (the Gospel) is still the power of God unto Salvation. Belief in the Gospel, The death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ (1Cor 15:1-8) has power to change the vilest of the vile, to set  the sinner free and to make life worth living and give hope for the future.  Many “gospels” are being preached today. Many people are falling for anything. The Only Gospel that has power is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This is the Message ABOVE all messages. WHY CHANGE THE MAJESTY OF THE GOSPEL?

THE NEEDS OF MANKIND HAVE NOT BEEN CHANGED.  All men everywhere have the same need. ALL are sinners. All have come short of the Glory of God. All need to hear, and believe the message of Christ and His Gospel. The drunk, the addict, the harlot, the thief, the robber, the banker, the lawyer, the governor, the president. It matters not how low morally, or high socially, ALL have the same need. The Gospel is NOT just for the “down and out” it is also for the “up and out.” That great need has never been changed. Our Commission, given by our Lord is to preach the Gospel to ALL MEN. All men are sinners. All men need to be saved. All are saved the same way.  WHY CHANGE THE MOTIVE?

WHY CHANGE THE MISSION? Our Mission is Two-fold:
We are to Preach the Gospel that,

(A) The destiny of men may be changed. The unsaved man is still bound for hell. Hell is still eternal, and Heaven is still sweet, and eternal. All who die without Christ go to hell. That’s a Bible Word. I am afraid we hear the word “Hell” more on the streets than we do from our pulpits today. We are to preach the Gospel to all men that they might have that awful destiny forever changed.

(B) That lives may be transformed. Nothing, no earthly program, nothing will transform lives like the Power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. No one who ever heard and received the Gospel has ever been the same. It,(the Gospel) is still the Power of God.  Our Mission is the Great Commission. Let us not let down. Let us not accept this “social gospel” Let us not accept just anything, or any new doctrine that comes along. And believe me, new doctrines arise every day. The Gospel still works, SO, WHY CHANGE THE MISSION?

Some change is alright, I suppose, but change, just for the sake of change, just because everybody else is changing is NOT alright. The old paths are deep, and run true. Let’s Stay with that which God has blessed.


THINK ABOUT IT…Some say that “We are in a rut, and we must change.”  I well remember the days when many of the roads were not paved. Vehicles made deep ruts in the road. The sure way to get down those old roads was to stay in the ruts. If you tried another way, you wound up in the ditch. That’s the course many have taken today.


AND THE WORLD IS A WILDERNESS..It is no friend to the Christian. The world says “change” Well, I changed one day, that is, the Gospel changed me. Why should I change? Nothing works like the Gospel. In the world I found no friend, in Christ, I have that unfailing Friend.



We praise God for the many ways He has blessed and used the “WILDERNESS” Monthly Publication, “WILDERNESS” tracts, and “WILDERNESS” web-site, the
“CHURCH IN THE WILDWOOD BROADCAST. We send greetings to friends across America, and new friends in foreign lands God is good. We praise Him for the opportunity of sharing Christ with so many out there. We ask that you pray for this work. Pray for a great harvest of souls won to Christ.


We continue to receive mail from various Correctional Institutions. Thanks for every letter.


        By Pastor George Mills

We should begin our every day
with expressions of Gratitude to our Heavenly Father for His Love and Tender Mercies. Ingratitude is a base sin. Other sins spring up from the root of ingratitude. It is recorded in Romans 1:21, “NEITHER WERE THEY THANKFUL.” Then read the remainder of that chapter and see the vileness that erupts from an ungrateful heart.
Now, let me share with you some of the things for which I am grateful. God has been good to me.

I AM THANKFUL FOR THE PLAN OF SALVATION. God’s Plan of Salvation excludes no one. Whosoever will receive Christ is saved, or born again. It matters not who we are, or where we came from, or what our lifestyle may be, all are included in God’s great plan. God did not leave Salvation for man to figure out. If Salvation had been left for man to work out, someone would have been excluded. The poor man would have left the rich man out, the white man would have excluded the black man, the Jew would have excluded the gentile. But God’s Great Plan includes ALL. ALL are sinners, and ALL are saved the same way, By Grace through Faith alone. “For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.” (Ro 10:13) I am thankful for a plan that included me. Do you know Christ? If you do, be Thankful for Him. If you have never received Him, do that today!

 I AM THANKFUL FOR MY PERSONAL SAVIOUR. His Name is Jesus Christ. His Name is above every name. He suffered on the cross in my place. He took my sin and became sin for me. I love and thank Him for that. I would love to shout from the highest hill; “THANK YOU JESUS FOR EVERY PAIN, FOR EVERY TEAR, FOR EVERY HURT, FOR EVERY HOUR ON THE CROSS. THANK YOU FOR THE WOUNDS IN YOUR HANDS AND FEET. THANK YOU FOR THE CROSS.” Now, that may seem fanatical to some of you, but I was not saying that for you, I was just saying “THANK YOU JESUS.”

 I AM THANKFUL FOR THE PARACLETE.  The word “Paraclete” means, “One called alongside to help” or “Advocate” The Holy Spirit living within the Believer is God’s  Wonderful Helper in Christian living. He indwells every believer. He came into every life at conversion. That’s a matter of fact, and not feeling. He is that still small voice that whispers “turn neither to the right, nor to the left, this is the way, walk ye in it.” (Isa 30:21) The Holy Spirit aids in prayer, and teaches us the Scriptures when we read them. He takes the things of Christ and teaches us. (John 14:26, Romans 8:26-27). Jesus said “I will not leave you comfortless” He sent the Holy Spirit to indwell every believer. I am Thankful for His Presence..
I AM THANKFUL FOR THE PRESERVED WORD OF GOD.  We do not have to debate about the Word. History bears out the fact that God has preserved His Word. I am not speaking about these “versions” “translations” “para-phrases” and “up-dated” efforts to “correct” the Bible. I am speaking about the Old Book that our grandparents, or parents used. I am not including the “junk versions” on the market today. I thank God for the Book that brought me to Christ.. “O how I love Thy Law! It is my meditation all the day. Thou through Thy Commandments hast made me wiser than mine enemies for they are ever with me.” (Psa 119:97-98) Believe me, my friends, the battle of the ages still rages. The battle over the BOOK. Thank God for my Bible, (KJB).

I AM THANKFUL FOR THE PRIVILEGE OF PRAYER. Only God’s people have the Holy Spirit living within, and only God’s people have the privilege of prayer. Jesus Christ bought our access to God by His death on the Cross. Now, we can approach God anytime (Eph 2:14-18) I am thankful for every prayer that He has so graciously answered. He hears every prayer of faith, and in His own plan for us, He will answer each one. I like the little poem;
“I haven’t had an answer,
To every prayer I pray,
But I’ve had enough answered,
To keep me praying every day.”
We do not need some earthly counselor, we just need to get alone with God, and pray, and let Him work things out for us. Thank God for the privilege of prayer!

6. I AM THANKFUL FOR MY PEOPLE. For my Church family. The Church where I serve is very unique. This is a small Church. We are located in a part of town that is not growing. An old newspaper article stated that “In just a few years, Yukon, Fla. will be a ghost town.” This prophesy has just about been fulfilled. We are a small Church, but we have the world in view. This small Church reaches more people across America than many  large Churches reach. I am thankful.  This publication; the “WILDERNESS”  goes into homes, Churches, schools, missions, jails, prisons. Other publications, in turn, print some of our messages, thus reaching more people. We are not going to give up on the home front while we are reaching out. The people here are glad to share this ministry with many out there. I am thankful for my Church. We ask that all of our friends  out there pray for this ministry.

 I AM A THANKFUL PARTNER, AND PARENT. I love each of my four children the same. I adore my wife. We  will soon complete 59 years together. I am thankful for the years we have had together. My wife has been my Sweetheart, my Pal, my Friend. I have no idea just what my life might have been had she not come along to be my helper. God has a special reward waiting for  Faithful pastor’s wives. Theirs is a high and Holy calling Thank God for every faithful pastor’s wife. Thank God for mine.

 I AM THANKFUL FOR THE PROMISE OF A HOME IN HEAVEN. This is true of all of God’s people everywhere. Jesus said, “I go to prepare a place for you, and if I go, I will come again and receive you unto Myself, that where I am, there ye may be also.”(John  14:2-3) He has been preparing that place for us, and soon He is coming to take us to that wonderful place that is beyond our imagination. Will I meet you there? I know that I will if you have received Jesus Christ as your own Personal Saviour. If you are not prepared for that place, then get prepared, NOW. Ask Christ into your heart. Believe the message of the Gospel, that He died for your sin, that He was buried, and that He arose from the dead. Trust that with your heart. God will hear the heart’s cry.  “But as many as received Him, to them gave He power to become the sons of God.”(Jn 1:12) How do I receive Him? The Bible says, “Ask, and ye shall receive.”

I AM THANKFUL FOR  THE PRIVILEGE OF BEING AN AMERICAN.  Poor folks in America live better than rich folks in some countries. I am glad that I was born here. I am glad that I was born in the south. I Love America. We are saddened to see and hear about the crime, drugs, scandals, violence, and the forsaking the Law of God, gross immorality, sexual sins, and a long list. I do not like the things I have mentioned. I am trying to do my part in changing things. The only way I know how to change things is to reach people, one by one with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As we win the lost one by one, our nation is changed. Pray for America. America deserves our prayers.
Our degree of Service for Christ is determined by our degree of Gratitude.  Never let it be said about our generation, “NEITHER WERE THEY THANKFUL”

(1Peter 2:24)          
           By Pastor George Mills

When lost in my sin, and no hope within,
   And a chasm between God and me,
But then there was One, God’s only Son,
   He bridged the gap for me.

No way could I find, real peace of mind,
   There was no way to God for me,
But Christ from above, came with His Love,
   And bridged that gap for me.

So deep was that gulf, the valley so wide,
   That came between God and me,
On Calvary’s Cross, Christ paid the cost
   He bridged the gap for me.

Now all is at rest, my soul God has blessed,
   My life now abundant and free,
Since Jesus came in, and freed me from sin,
   He bridged the gap for me.

I’ll trust Him in life, I’ll trust Him in death,
   Until at last His dear Face I see,
In eternity’s day, I will still gladly say,
Christ bridged that gap for me.


              FROM MY HEART
                By Mildred Mills

Every now and then I have to work on that AA—That would be Attitude Adjustment for me. It all starts when I begin to whine and ask “why” when certain things happen in life instead of giving thanks to our Heavenly Father for all His Blessings. The whining begins and the attitude shows up. I ask why certain things happen and as always my Teacher, The Holy Spirit simply says, “Just go to God’s Word! The answers are in The Book.” I whine some more and tell my Teacher, “But you just don’t understand,” and my Teacher once again says. “Just go to The Book and you will find the answers.” “Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things which thou knowest not.” (Jer. 33:3). The truth is I knew all along where the answers were and who to call on even before I started the whining, but the old attitude was right there waiting to take up it’s abode. When we are down hearted, worried, upset and just plain tired, we find it easier just to step over the Holy Spirit and allow life to make us hateful, hurtful and just mean spirited, knowing all the time that the answers to our problems are found in The Book—God’s Word. When things don’t go our way and disappointments come (and they will come in this life) just remember to go to the Book, God’s Word, and listen carefully to our Teacher, the Holy Spirit and before you know it the smile, the sweet Spirit and our very countenance will reflect once again that we belong to Him, He is in control and not one thing can happen unless He allows it. No need to worry and fret about anything that comes along in this life. I’m sure I will be working on my AA off  and on until I get to Heaven but I know where all the answers are. They are in The Book—God’s Word and I must listen carefully to my Teacher, The Holy Spirit and talk daily with my Saviour about anything that troubles me in this life.Now,that’s what it takes to achieve an AA—and I’m working on it!!!


                By Ashley Stevens
              LIVING FOR JESUS

Living for Jesus in today’s society is extremely difficult for us as teenagers. We live in a world that is straying farther and farther from Christ’s teachings. Today, we have to face a lot more than other generations had to. There are less traditional families, more exposure to drugs, premarital sex, and on and on. I strongly believe that we have it the hardest of any prior generation.
Standing up for something you believe in, whether religiously or morally, is becoming less and less of something that is respected. As teenagers, we are just expected to follow the crowds, and the ways of this world and simply not ask any questions. This is exactly opposite of how Jesus lived. If we live our lives like Jesus did, then we have to expect that our lives look very different from our friends. This is something, as teenagers, we can come to accept and really embrace that we are different from everyone else. We are different because we love Christ and we want our lives to be just like Him. We are called to be the “the salt of the earth.” If others see that your life is different, and you are genuinely happy about it, I strongly believe that it pleases Jesus and I know He is proud of you. Jesus says in the Bible that we are not to just tell people about Him but we are to live our lives as a reflection of what He did while He was here on earth. I know that living this life is very hard and it takes a lot of work, but I am here to tell you that living this life brings so much more of a rewarding feeling than living any other way.

Until next time,          Ashley Stevens


IF YOU DIED TODAY, where will you be tomorrow? Others will be preparing your body for burial, but you will still be alive SOMEWHERE…

In Heaven with the Redeemed,
In Hell with the damned

What you have done with Jesus Christ determines where you will be tomorrow, IF YOU DIED TODAY. Just make sure that IF YOU DIED TODAY, or if you live many more years, that WHEN YOU DIE, you will go to be with the Lord. You must consider these things…

 RECOGNIZE  that you are a sinner before God. “All have sinned and come short of the Glory of God.”

REALIZE  that Christ alone can save you. “For by Grace are ye saved through faith, it is the gift of God.

 RECEIVE Jesus Christ as your Personal Saviour.  Tell God, “Lord, in the best way I know how, I now, by faith alone receive Jesus Christ as my Saviour. He alone can make me ready for life, or death.”  God will hear your heart’s cry.
       NOW, Where will YOU be TOMORROW, IF YOU DIED TODAY?