By Ashley Stevens
              LIVING FOR JESUS

Living for Jesus in today’s society is extremely difficult for us as teenagers. We live in a world that is straying farther and farther from Christ’s teachings. Today, we have to face a lot more than other generations had to. There are less traditional families, more exposure to drugs, premarital sex, and on and on. I strongly believe that we have it the hardest of any prior generation.
Standing up for something you believe in, whether religiously or morally, is becoming less and less of something that is respected. As teenagers, we are just expected to follow the crowds, and the ways of this world and simply not ask any questions. This is exactly opposite of how Jesus lived. If we live our lives like Jesus did, then we have to expect that our lives look very different from our friends. This is something, as teenagers, we can come to accept and really embrace that we are different from everyone else. We are different because we love Christ and we want our lives to be just like Him. We are called to be the “the salt of the earth.” If others see that your life is different, and you are genuinely happy about it, I strongly believe that it pleases Jesus and I know He is proud of you. Jesus says in the Bible that we are not to just tell people about Him but we are to live our lives as a reflection of what He did while He was here on earth. I know that living this life is very hard and it takes a lot of work, but I am here to tell you that living this life brings so much more of a rewarding feeling than living any other way.

Until next time,          Ashley Stevens