Vol. 39, No. 2
February, 2015

(Psalm 85:10)

By Pastor George Mills

“Mercy and Truth are met together, Righteousness and Peace have kissed each other.”
This Psalm is divided into three sections..
FIRST, Verses 1-3 deal with praises for PAST DEFEATS. “LORD, Thou hast been favorable unto Thy land. Thou hast brought back the captivity of Jacob..”

SECOND, verses 4-7 deal with PRESENT DIFFICULTIES. “Wilt Thou be angry with us forever?”

These are some of the Attributes of God. There seems to be some conflict within. I believe that this pictures something more than just a meeting, but an encounter. Like two immovable objects meeting. MERCY and TRUTH just do not belong together.. They cannot meet, BUT THEY DID!
Let me try to explain myself. I see it like this…

If TRUTH reigns, there is no Mercy! If MERCY reigns, TRUTH is set aside. Just HOW and WHEN and WHERE do these two meet? I believe
that TRUTH, RIGHTEOUSNESS, PEACE, and MERCY had several encounters, and TRUTH WOULD NOT BUDGE, No, not one inch! Now, follow me closely, I’ll not give you something new, just the old, old story

FIRST, What is TRUTH? Jesus prayed and said, “Sanctify them through Thy Truth, Thy Word is TRUTH.”
He said TRUTH, not True, but absolute TRUTH! The Word of God is TRUTH. The TRUTH, the Word of God is rigid, it is stern, it is unmovable and unchangeable. The TRUTH is the Bible., (KJB).

SECOND. What is Mercy? Mercy is that Divine Attribute of God that gives us that which we do not deserve.
MERCY and TRUTH just do not go together. Just one verse to prove a point…”He that despised Moses’ Law, (TRUTH) died without MERCY.” (Heb. 10:28). You can see the fulfillment of Heb. 10:28 throughout the Old Testament. When TRUTH reigns, there is no MERCY. If Mercy reigns, TRUTH is set aside..
Now, lets look at a court scene for a few moments…A man has been arrested and charged with murder. Evidence proves that he has taken the life of another human being. The man is brought to court. The jury listens to the arguments of the attorneys. Law enforcement personnel have searched for the truth. Court assistants have been searching for the truth. The case has been presented. The Jury has been charged. The Jury retires to deliberate the case. Sometime later the Jury returns with the verdict;
“GUILTY of first degree murder.” The Judge has the prisoner to stand. The Judge pronounces the verdict; “I must sentence you according to the law of this state and that sentence is death.” The prisoner is led away to await execution. TRUTH has prevailed! Attorneys make appeal to the Governor. The Governor, acting within the power of his office, reduces the sentence from death, to life imprisonment. Now, in that case, MERCY has been given to the guilty one, but TRUTH has been set aside. All of the Truth presented in court has been put aside. You see, MERCY and TRUTH just don’t go together. They are in conflict. Had the Governor refused to extend MERCY, then TRUTH would have prevailed. The guilty one would have died without MERCY! Now, God’s Law is like that. When you read the first three chapters of the Book of Romans, you are reading about a trial. These chapters clearly show that man is a sinner. God has dealt with man. God revealed Himself to man in his conscience, and in creation, (Ro. 1:19). The writer Paul brings forth all of the witnesses, and reads the indictments. In fact, there are some fourteen indictments against the human race in Romans 3:10-23. TRUTH is presented in such a clear way that there can be no doubt about the verdict; “GUILTY” from the top of his head, his mouth, his throat to his feet, man is a sinner!
The sentence, “The wages of sin is death” (Ro 6:23). TRUTH has been presented, and TRUTH must prevail. Now, I believe that this is where MERCY, RIGHTEOUSNESS and PEACE made their first appeal to TRUTH.
MERCY said to TRUTH, “Move over, you are in my way. Can’t you see the multitudes, they are sinners, they need me?” TRUTH replied, “I will never move, I am forever settled, I will not, I cannot move!”
RIGHTEOUSNESS then made his appeal; “Move over TRUTH and let me pass, the multitudes need me. Can’t you see that?” They have no righteousness, they need me.”TRUTH replies , “I will not move, no, not one inch.” The TRUTH has spoken, “There is none righteous, no not one.”
PEACE then made it’s appeal. PEACE said to TRUTH, “Don’t you see the troubled masses? They have no peace. They need me.”
TRUTH , with all his firmness replied, “I have declared that there is no peace saith my God to the wicked.” I will not move. They are sinners, they are guilty, they deserve nothing. I am TRUTH and I will NEVER move. I will not budge, not one inch.” “Forever O LORD, Thy Word (Truth) is settled in Heaven.”
Sometimes later, another appeal is Made to the TRUTH.
Now MERCY says to the TRUTH. The Saviour of man had died. He was betrayed, nailed to a Cross where He died. He has been buried, He is in a tomb. The sin debt has been paid. Now, move over and let me pass to the nations. They need me.”
The TRUTH again replied to MERCY. “I will never move. I cannot move.”
RIGHTEOUSNESS then makes another appeal. “Move over and let me pass to the masses. They need no Righteousness. All of the sin debt has been paid.”
TRUTH with all of it’s rigid sternness said again, “I will never move, I cannot move and let you pass.
PEACE makes another appeal to the TRUTH..”The war is over, PEACE should now reign. The Saviour has died, so move over and let me pass. I must get to the multitudes. They need PEACE.”
TRUTH, in all of it’s immutability answered, I cannot move.”
Three days later, at the tomb where Christ was buried, these four met again. The Saviour is not in the tomb. Christ has risen from the dead. He has paid it all. All of the demands of TRUTH are finally met. Now, move over and let us pass to the multitudes.”
TRUTH answered; “NO! I am firmly planted, I will not move.
MERCY makes it’s final appeal to the TRUTH. “Now, let me pass to the nations. Without me, they will perish.
Again TRUTH says, “I will never move!”
RIGHTEOUSNESS says,”Do right! Let me pass. They need me.”
TRUTH would not budge.
PEACE came to make it’s final appeal to the
(cont’d pg 3)
TRUTH. “Men will always be at war without
me. Families will be fighting. Turmoil, disorder, violence will worsen, they need me.” We, Divine attributes, called MERCY, RIGHTEOUSNESS, and PEACE need to pass on to the nations.”
TRUTH looked down from His Throne with His final ruling and said, “I am forever settled. I am established. I will never move for anything or anyone. I cannot. Men hold the Truth in unrighteousness.” (Ro. 1:18).
These met with the TRUTH and made their appeal, and lost. It was sad indeed.
Now, TRUTH rises to make His statement. “All of my demands have been met. The Saviour has paid the price that my pages have demanded. He was buried, and He has risen from the dead. We meet here at this tomb for our final conflict. Now, I am TRUTH. I was TRUTH in Eternity past. I am TRUTH today, and I will be TRUTH in the eternal tomorrows. My Words are forever established. Not one jot or tittle can be changed. I will never move. I am too high for anyone to get over me, I am too wide for anyone to get around me, I am too deep for anyone to get under me. But since all of my demands have been met, YOU MAY PASS THROUGH ME!” Anyone who wants Mercy, Righteousness and Peace MUST go through the BOOK, the TRUTH!
MERCY and TRUTH met at the empty tomb. PEACE and RIGHTEOUSNESS kissed. What a Glorious scene! All of the attributes, all of the demands of God were met AT THE EMPTY TOMB. What a meeting. Now the multitudes can have PEACE, RIGHTEOUSNESS, JOY, FORGIVENESS, LOVE, and all of the Goodness of God.
These met, not at the Law, for with the Law there is no Mercy. These met, Not at the Tabernacle, not at the Priesthood, not at the Prophets, not at the Birth of Christ, Not at the Cross of Christ, but they met and kissed, at THE EMPTY TOMB. They came into complete agreement, and TRUTH never budged, no, not one inch! Now, you and I are saved because MERCY, and RIGHTEOUSNESS and PEACE came from the TRUTH Praise God for the empty Tomb where MERCY and TRUTH are met. RIGHTEOUSNESS and PEACE Have kissed.
Now, think of this in light of your own experiences, Let’s say that you are a parent. You love your child, but your child has broken a house rule and has to be punished in the way that he/she has been taught. Let’s say that the child has bounced the ball inside the house and the ball has broken your treasured lamp. Now, you know that the child MUST be punished because the rules have been broken. Let’s say that his/her punishment is to rake the leaves in the back yard. The child takes the rake and begins his punishment. You watch from your window. You love you child and you want to go and say, “that’s enough, you can stop.” But you know that he must endure his punishment. So you watch some more, You want to go and say, “let me help you.” But you know that he must continue. You love the child, you hurt for your child, you want to help, but rules are rules and rules must be enforced. Mercy in you wants to help, but Truth in you says no.
God loves the world. The world has disobeyed God. The demands of His Law must be met. Jesus did that for us!!!
“But as many as received Him, to them gave He power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on His Name.” (Jn 1:12).
TODAY, while you have TODAY, Settle things with God, receive His Son. Begin TODAY to live FOREVER!

(Psa. 85:10)
By Pastor George Mills

MERCY and TRUTH could never meet,
For TRUTH must ever endure,
No MERCY for sinners, for TRUTH is complete,
And TRUTH ever standeth for sure.

But by a tomb they met that day,
Just when the stone was rolled away,
In union there, they joined hand,
MERCY and TRUTH met as God had Planned.

RIGHTEOUSNESS now is offered to all,
And MERCY is freely given,
Now PEACE with God who on Him will call,
Because the TRUTH is settled in Heaven.


(Joshua 3:4)

Joshua is preparing the people to cross the Jordan river and on to the promised land. They do not know what lies ahead. 40 years earlier Joshua and Caleb and ten other spies went into the land and the hearts of the ten melted with fear. In their report of despair they encouraged Israel to return to the wilderness. They brought back the reports of giants in the land and the people said “we will go no further.” Joshua and Caleb tried to change their minds, but they would not listen. A generation died in the wilderness because of their refusal to enter the land. Now, they are back again. Back of them is the wilderness where they were hand fed. Ahead of them is the land of Canaan, and victory. How will they be successful? Is there a formula for us? We are on the new side of 2015. We have never been here before. What, and how should we face this?

1. THEY MUST RELY UPON GOD’S PRESENCE IN their LIVES. (v3-4, 11-15). They were to follow the Ark. That Ark symbolizes the presence of God. For 40 years they had followed that Ark. It led and protected them. The Ark is a type of the Holy Spirit. He, the Spirit came into our lives when we received Christ and lives in us to guide and teach us. He knows the way. We have never been here before. What’s ahead of us? Sickness, Loss of a job? Financial failure? A fiery trial? World war 3? Terrorist activities? We do not know. As long as they followed the Ark, they would be alright. Jesus said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” “When He, the Spirit of Truth is come, He will guide you into all truth.” (Jn 16:12-14). We must always be aware of that inner voice as He seeks to guide us through, not only this New Year, but all through our life.

God let them remain by Jordan for three days, (v2). The waters of Jordan rose up in a heap, (v16). As the feet of the priests began to walk in the river. The power of God held back the flowing waters. Today, We MUST rely upon the Power of God in our lives.
His Power to answer prayer, Jer. 33:3
His Power over satanic forces, 1John 4:4.
His Power over every temptation, 1Cor. 10:13.
His Power to deliver us from anything that
opposes. Jos. 1:5.
“There shall be no man able to stand before thee all the days of thy life.”
Prayer still works!!

“As I was with Moses. So shall I be with thee.”
“I will not fail thee.”
“I will not forsake thee.” (Jos.1:5)
What a glorious promise.

“As I was with Moses.” How, then, was God with Moses?

IN PROVIDENTIAL CARE. As a baby, Moses was under a death sentence. He was placed in a basket and set adrift in the Nile river to float to the place where Pharaoh’s daughter was bathing. Pharaoh’s daughter took the baby as her own child and had Moses’ real Mother be his nurse. Moses was raised in Pharaoh’s castle. When Moses was grown he saw an Egyptian beating a Hebrew. He then killed the Egyptian, was discovered and had to flee to the desert where he lived until God was ready to bring the Hebrews out of Egyptian bondage. God had been with Moses in a supernatural way. (Ex2:1-24).

IN GREAT POWER. Moses faced Pharaoh and his refusal to let the people of Israel leave Egypt. He faced the magicians who opposed him in his attempts to free Israel. After Pharaoh’s final refusal to let the people of Israel go, God sent the death angel through and the first born of all Egypt died, but the Israelites were safe because they had applied the blood of a Lamb to their doors. (Ex 12). God was with Moses in a most powerful way as he faced the enemies in Egypt.

As Moses led the people out of Egypt and into the wilderness, they ran into many problems and
(cont’d pg 5)
wanted to return to Egypt. They ran out of water. They ran out of food, but God was faithful to His PROMISE. He gave them Manna for food, and water from a rock. King Solomon said in his dedication of the Temple, “Blessed be the LORD that hath given rest unto His people Israel according to all that He PROMISED; there hath not failed one word of all His good PROMISE which he PROMISED by the hand of Moses His servant.” (1Kings 8:56). God brought them out, over and through as He Promised them.

Our Lord Jesus said, “Lo, I am with you always.” “I will never leave thee nor forsake thee” As we take our journey through this New Year, we know not what lies ahead, but we do know that our God is with us all the way until He calls us home. Like Israel, we must depend upon God’s PRESENCE, His POWER, His PROMISE.

Precepts, meaning Laws, Judgments, Commandments, Statutes, Ordinances, His WORD. God said “This Book of the Law shall not depart out of thy mouth, but thou shalt meditate therein day and night that thou mayest observe to do all that is written therein for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous and then thou shalt have good success.” (Jos 1:8). As long as they followed the instructions of God, they had good success. When they joined with the heathen about them, they suffered plagues.
We MUST stay with the BOOK. As long as our nation Honored the BOOK, God’s blessings were with us. But courts have ruled against us. And because of this, we see crime, violence, drugs, immorality, murder, abortion, etc. God is not allowed in public places, or in Public schools, city, county and state. We have made provisions for other “gods” and have forsaken the God of Heaven. We are paying a price for all of this, and there will be no improvement in the trend until there is a turning back to the BOOK!
May there be a great awakening in this land. May we see multitudes turn and return to the God who brought us from the bondage of sin. Alliances with heathen nations are not the answer to our problems. Let us remember that CHRIST IS THE ANSWER!

By Pastor George Mills

“For ye have not passed this way heretofore.”
(Jos. 3:4)

I’ve never passed this way before,
Nor do I know what lies in store,
But this I know, that Christ passed o’er,
And He will lead to yonder shore.

I’ll never pass this way again,
Lord help me make my footprints plain,
So those who follow me will gain,
And find my steps were not in vain.

I shall pass this way one time,
A second chance will not be mine,
So as I pass this way, refine,
My life dear Lord to be like Thine.

Soon I will pass to that dear shore,
To meet with loved ones gone before,
Our Lord will open wide the door,
For I’ve never passed that way before.


THINK ABOUT IT…One of the latest ‘versions’ on the market today is the “Gender Neutral” version. That coupled with the Inclusive Version, helps to make the world ready for the antichrist to come on the scene. What he needed was a ‘bible’ that would not offend any ‘god’ or any culture. Believe me, he has found one in these new ‘versions.” This did not happen overnight. With each new version, a word, or words were left out here, a word or two were added here and there. Then other verses had to be ‘corrected.’ On and on until you have a new ‘bible’ that is powerless and useless. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is offensive to many, but it is the Power of God unto salvation to everyone that believes.

THINK ABOUT IT…Where would you and I be today had not someone prayed and witnessed to us about Christ? Can we do less than they?


By Mildred Mills

The holidays are over and it’s back to the routine of life. My routine is to start my Spring cleaning way before Spring gets here and that’s exactly what I have been doing. Today was “wash windows” day and that I did. As I was pulling the furniture away from the windows and removing the curtains, I thought, “Why am I doing this?” No one sees the dirty windows, they are covered up by the curtains and partially hidden by the furniture, why go to all this work? I answered my own question. I know the windows are dirty and God knows the windows are dirty and they need to be washed! I was reminded that God sees all, He sees every ugly, vile sin that we think we have hidden, He knows our thoughts, the thoughts that we would not want anyone else to know about, our secret thoughts are all known to Him. We hide bitter feelings with a phoney smile, but God knows the heart. We sweep evil, hurtful ways under the rug, but God knows where they are, they are not hidden from Him. We don’t have a problem keeping the counter tops clean, or the floors, the bathroom or any place else that can be seen by others, but the hidden dirt can wait for a more convenient time, after all, no one else can see it anyway. Our life may shine on the outside, but are we dirty on the inside? What about our hearts, are we right with God? Have we really been cleansed by His blood, washed in the blood of the Lamb? “He that covereth his sin shall not prosper ; but whoso confesseth and forsaketh them shall have mercy”(Prov. 28:13). If you have accepted Jesus as your Saviour you have been washed in the soul cleansing blood of the Lamb, but we need daily cleansing and that comes by confessing our sins to Him daily and claiming First John 1:9,”If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” However, if you have never said yes to Jesus and accepted Him as your own personal Saviour, do it today and don’t wait for a more convenient time. Today is the day of Salvation. What can wash away my sin, nothing but the blood of Jesus!

By Ashley Stevens

Watch your words carefully . Words, even though they can slip out so quickly with no thought, can cause so much damage. Words have great power. Whether words are used to wound or to uplift, you can choose to say them. The Lord gave us the amazing privilege to verbalize. Whether we use that for good or for harm is our decision. The instructions that are placed right in front of us tell us exactly what we should do and how we should act. In the Bible it says we should be “quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry.” If you are having trouble with the words you are speaking, start asking God to help you whenever you speak. If you are stuck in a situation and hateful words come to mind, pray about it and ask God for guidance. Ask God for words that would be pleasing in His eyes. As Christians we need to make sure that our actions and words reflect God. Everything we say and do should be different from others. Others will be able to tell a difference between us. So, next time you speak, “THINK.”

T—Is it True?
H—Is it Helpful?
I—Is it Inspiring?
N—Is it Necessary?
K—Is it Kind?

So, next time you speak, “THINK.”

Until next time, Ashley Stevens


THINK ABOUT IT….The problem with man is not on the outside, the problem is his heart, (his mind, his emotions, his thinking). “The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked, who can know it?” (Jer. 17:9). Don’t trust your heart until you have trusted Christ for that new heart. Then the ISSUES of life become the INCIDENTALS of life.

WANDERING THROUGH THE WILDERNESS…..Sometimes we take time to answer some questions that seem to trouble some. I trust that everything we do will help you in your walk with Christ. In just about every edition of the WILDERNESS we have that warning, “AND THE WORLD IS A WILDERNESS, it is no friend to the Christian.” Today, many winds of doctrines are blowing in every direction. Religious charlatans are everywhere.. The airways are filled with false doctrines, and many are falling for “new things.” Keep these few basic things before you.

KNOW THAT YOU ARE SAVED. Have you received Christ? Peter said, “Make your calling and election sure.”

BE A PART OF A GOOD LOCAL BIBLE BELIEVING CHURCH. A Church that teaches, preaches, and practices sound doctrine.

HAVE A MEANINGFUL DEVOTIONAL LIFE. The power of prayer and the power of the Word, (KJB) are essential for a sound, solid, and secure life, free from doubts, dreads, and disaster.

Question: Can I have anything I ask for in prayer?

Ans. There is the “Name-it, claim -it teaching today that says whatever I speak, or say, I can have. Verses like John 14:13; “And whatsoever ye ask in my Name that will I do..”are used. The Bible clearly teaches us that no Scripture is of any private interpretation. In other words, you cannot take a single verse from here, or there, and build solid doctrine. It must be in accord with other like verses. In order to claim the promises of God, that claim must be….

(A) In Faith.

(B) In accordance to his will. Prayer is something like a blank check on Heaven to those who live faithful and obedient lives. Don’t think that you can live any way you wish and have anything you want. Daily answered prayer is normal for the Spirit led believer. Bring together, John 14:13 with 1John 5:14; “If we ask anything according to His will, He heareth us.” and they present sound Bible teaching. Don’t fall for this “name-it and claim-it” or “blab-it and grab-it” teaching of today. The promises of God are conditional.


Question…”Do you believe in a deliverance ministry?”

Ans…Yes, I do. The Bible (KJB) says, “Who delivered us from so great a death, and doth deliver, in whom we trust that He will yet deliver us.” (2Cor. 1:10).
PAST. He delivered us from death by the life of His Son.
PRESENTLY. He delivers us daily by the Life of His Son
POTENTIALLY He will deliver us to our Eternal Home by the coming of His Son.

Now, that’s deliverance.


Question….”What do you believe and teach about the modern tongues movement?”

Ans…This movement is not new. It has been around a long time. Paul faced this in His ministry. He addressed this in detail in 1Cor 12-14. I believe that every word spoken in the Church is to be clearly understood by everyone.
“Tongues” are languages.“Unknown tongues” are languages that I am not familiar with. If someone comes into the Church speaking Chinese, then that would be unknown for me because I do not know Chinese. Everything in the Church is to be understood by all. God has no problem with the English language. I do not believe that there is some “language code” we must use to get to God, or for Him to get to us. Even many of the proponents of this movement are saying that there is something else. This was supposed to be the ultimate. Those who seek experiences will find there is no end to this.


In recent years the internet has made this Ministry able to reach into many, many countries of the world. As I viewed last Month’s statistics page on our web-site, I was amazed. From China, Japan, Korea, nations of Africa, nations South America, European nations, Russia, Islands of the Pacific, so many more, on and on it goes. I am so glad that we are there where you are! But WHERE ARE YOU? I ask that, not so much as to know your physical location, but WHERE ARE YOU WITH GOD? WHERE ARE YOU WITH OUR LORD JESUS? That’s what I mean Are you happy today knowing that you are right with God? Is Jesus Christ your Lord and Saviour? I suppose that I should have asked; “HOW ARE YOU?” If you can answer, “I am fine and happy knowing Christ.” If that is true, it matters not WHERE YOU ARE. If you cannot say “I am happy in The Lord,” I urge you to, right now, ask Christ into your life. Receive Him. “But as many as received Him to them gave He power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on His Name.” “Ask, and ye shall receive.” The Apostle Paul could write from a Roman prison cell “Finally my brethren, rejoice in the Lord” (Ph. 3:1). With Christ living in your heart You are alright, No matter WHERE YOU ARE!