Our Purpose:


To ENLIGHTEN the sinner as to his need of the Saviour.
To ENCOURAGE the believer to study the Word of God (KJV).
To ENLIST the believer in the Army for world evangelism.
It is our sincere desire that we can be a blessing, an encouragement to you and your family. These are very critical times. False doctrine abounds. One only has to view some of the telecasts, and radio broadcasts, and compare with your Bible (KJV). God wants you to be saved, to know that you are saved, and to be happy in your Salvation. Trusting that we may be a help to you.
It is our desire and PURPOSE that we take the Gospel of Jesus Christ as far as we can, when we can, where we can, while we can, and at the same time remain true and faithful to the authority of the Word of God. (KJV)