The Trade Tower Tragedy
By Pastor George Mills

“Boast not thyself of tomorrow for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth. ” Proverbs 27:1. Many verses and passages of Scripture come to mind today. Personally, I believe this one in proverbs seems to speak loudly. We certainly do not know what this day will bring.

Tuesday, September 11, 2001 began just like any other day. Dads said goodbye to their families. Moms dropped kids off at school, or day-care. Executives left their apartments. Diplomats left their Embassies, workers, travelers, visitors, and many more arrived at the World Trade Center to begin their day. The usual plans, and activities, just like any other day were in place. Suddenly, disaster from the skies. Terrorists in Hi-jacked airliners crashed into the towers. Thousands were murdered by the most cowardly of all cowards, “terrorists.” Yes, it started just like any other day. My heart was moved and hurt as I viewed the various scenes of the airliners crashing into the Towers. Heroic deeds by rescuers made our hearts melt as we admire their great acts of courage and sacrifice. Hundreds of rescuers have been killed as they were trying to save lives of others. We weep with you in New York. We pray with you. We search for the right words to say. We seek the right phrase that would adequately describe the tragedy. The right words just don’t seem to come very easy. Of all the various pictures I have seen that have touched me, and believe me, it all touched me, one scene keeps coming back to me. I do not know where the camera was located, but there was a scene with The Statute of Liberty in the foreground, and in the background was the smoke and flames of the Tower area. Liberty standing tall, while the City behind Her was on fire. How awesome. I am reminded of how fragile Liberty is. We take everything for granted until something awful has to remind us.

We are praying for you New York. We are praying for America.

I saw some congressmen, in a gesture, say, “Let’s bow for a few moments of SILENT MEDITATION.” This is not a time for SILENCE. This is a time for CRYING ALOUD! I remember the years of World War II. I was just a young boy in those days, but I well remember the booming voice of Franklin Roosevelt as he led the nation in prayer. People everywhere listened to their radios while the President prayed, “ALMIGHTY GOD” he cried as he prayed for our armies on D-Day. In these days there must be that CRYING ALOUD again. We offer our prayers for our President, for Congressional Leaders. We pray for those who are seeking to identify the source of this cowardly and dastardly deed. We offer our prayers for families who have lost loved ones. We pray that our nation will respond swiftly when the truth about this tragedy is made known.