July 2012 Posts


 Vol 36, No. 8…August, 2012

                  By Dr. George Mills

“Forever O Lord, Thy Word is settled in Heaven.” (Psa. 119:89).

Today, I want to bring our attention to the fact that the Bible is filled with STRANGE CONTRADICTIONS. I can almost hear some say, “Now preacher. I have read your messages for a long time and have always believed that you were sure that the Bible is trustworthy, complete, with no errors, no omissions, and no contradictions. Now you are saying that the Bible is filled with contradictions. Did you change your mind, or did you lose it?”
May I say that I  continue to believe today like I have believed in the past and will always believe about the Bible (KJB). I believe that it is complete, trustworthy, with no errors and no omissions. But the Bible is filled with STRANGE CONTRADICTIONS! Now, HEAR ME OUT…

First, let me say that there are NO contradictions IN the Bible itself, (KJB). It stands upon it’s own record. Recently I was scanning the radio dial in my truck. I heard some “talk show” host make fun of the Bible. His statement was; “The Bible cannot even stand with itself. It contradicts in one place what it said in another place.” Of course I did not listen to him very long. I give no one my time to listen as he ridicules the Word Of God. So, while I believe there are NO contradictions IN the bible, let me share with you some contradictions OF the Bible.

Just ask the man on the street. You’ll get a thousand answers about the reality of God. In the Book of Acts, Ch. 17:22-31, Paul was at Mars Hill in Athens. There were idols everywhere. There was an image of every known god. There was one special idol with the inscription, “TO THE UNKNOWN GOD.” This was done just in case they had forgotten a “god.” This one idol was for him, or her, or “it.” To the Athenians, god was anything. Wherever and however you wanted god to be, well, that’s how or what “god” was. Things haven’t changed very much. Most everyone has their own concept of God. The Bible strongly CONTRADICTS what most people think about God. The Bible reveals that God is Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient. That He is the Great Creator, Ruler, Sovereign God. Further, the Bible says that God came down to earth in the Person of Jesus Christ and by His finished work on the Cross paid the price of Redemption for fallen man. Whosoever will believe, or receive Jesus Christ has intimate, personal knowledge of God. You cannot know God apart from Jesus Christ. He alone is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. God is not in Buddha, or Allah, not in the religions of the east, or far east, north or south. God is the Great God revealed in the Bible. Apart from the Bible, our knowledge of God would be no different than the Athenians on Mars Hill. The Bible CONTRADICTS what most people think about God. The God of the Bible is a God of Love, AND, He is a consuming fire. All are accountable to him and will face Him one day, (Acts 17:30-34). Yes, the Bible CONTRADICTS what most people think about God. No wonder why the devil hates the Bible, (KJB).

To the doubters, Christ is a phoney, to the skeptics He is doubtful, To the cults He is an imposter, to the religionists He is a “good man” but not God. To some He is the great example, and to others He is the founder of a new religion. To others He was just another martyr. The world has thousands of ideas about the Person of Jesus Christ. But the Bible CONTRADICTS man’s opinions about Christ. The Bible reveals Jesus as the very God: “IMMANUEL” “God with us.” “And without controversy, great is the mystery of Godliness. GOD was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the gentiles, believed on in the world, and received up into glory.” (1Tim. 3:16).(Now, if you read the above verse in one of the new “versions” you will see that the writers changed “GOD” to “he.”) “God was in Christ reconciling the world unto Himself.” Jesus said “He that hath seen me has seen the Father.” If you want to know what God is like, LOOK TO JESUS CHRIST. He alone paid the price for our Redemption with his own blood at Calvary. We cannot come to God on our terms, with our ideas, and with our “religion.” We come to God on His terms, through our Lord Jesus Christ. No, you cannot come to God how, and when you want to. You come to God in faith through His Son, His way as revealed in the Bible.
The Bible CONTRADICTS what most people think about Jesus Christ. No wonder why the devil hates Christ.

People mock at the thought of a real devil, and of satanic forces today. They say that “the thought of the devil, or Satan was born in the dark ages and has no place in this day of enlightenment.” To so many, the devil is a myth, or a figure of imagination, but not real.” But the Bible CONTRADICTS all of man’s ideas about the devil, or Satan. In the Bible Satan is revealed as “the god of this world.” He has many many fallen angels, he has a “gospel” He has a church with a world program, he has preachers, he has a “bible.” In fact he has many “bibles.” RSV, TEB, NIV, NASV, just to mention a few. The list keeps on growing. He opposes the real people of God, He hates Christ. He desires to be worshiped as Christ and one day many, many will do that very thing.(2Cor. 11:11-15).Yes, the Bible CONTRADICTS what most people think about the devil.

The question asked to the man on the street, “Just what is sin?” The answer comes back in many ways; “If you think it’s wrong, then whatever you may be doing is sin.” Or, “Sin is anything NOT in moderation.” Or “Sin is anything wrong that you get caught doing.” People laugh at the idea of sin. The Bible (KJB) CONTRADICTS man’s idea about sin. “SIN is the transgression of the Law.”(1Jn. 3:4).Adam and Eve transgressed God’s Law and incurred a sinful nature. Through the natural birth process, that sinful nature was passed to their children and down to the entire human race.”ALL have sinned and come short of the glory of God.”(Ro. 3:23). “Me? A sinner? Never!” Oh yes my friend, “ALL have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” The Good News of the Gospel is, Jesus Christ paid the sin debt of humanity by His ONE offering for sin. ALL the sin of ALL the world was placed on Jesus Christ on the Cross and He became sin for us. He, who knew no sin, became sin for us that we might be made the righteousness of God. You can accept His payment for sin, or, you can try some other way, HOWEVER, you don’t want to take that route, it has never worked. “The wages of sin is death, but the Gift of God is Eternal Life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” (Ro. 6:23).Yes, the Bible CONTRADICTS what most people think about sin.

Many, many believe in some kind of a place, after life called heaven, but cannot agree on how to get there. The truth is, You can’t get there from here, you must first go to that place called Calvary, and stop by the empty tomb.” YOU can read in the Bible about the reality of Heaven. Read John 14:1-6, Rev. 21-22. Heaven is a real place where the Redeemed will live through the endless ages. Heaven is a prepared place for a prepared people. As I stated, some  believe in Heaven, but do not agree on how to get there. Jesus said, “I am THE WAY, THE TRUTH and THE LIFE. No man cometh unto the Father but by me.” If you want to go to Heaven, you will have to go God’s way. If your way is not God’s way, then you are on the wrong way. The wrong way leads to the wrong place, and you don’t want to end up there! Yes, the Bible CONTRADICTS what most people think about  Heaven.

Two things are missing from our pulpits today; (!) The sweetness of Heaven, and (2) the bitterness of Hell. Today, Hell is just a by-word. But the place of Hell is real. Read Luke 16:19-31, Mt. 25:41, Rev 14:9-11, Rev 20:11-15. The Bible says more about Hell than it says about Heaven. Make no mistake about it, Hell is real, and you don’t want to wind up there. Hell is not the grave, not the imagination, not some ancient folk-lore. Today I have Good News! There is a way of escape. That Way is Jesus Christ. Make no mistake about it. If you want to go to Heaven, you go God’s way, and if you want to miss the flames of Hell, you go God’s way. Jesus said, “I am come that they might have life and have it more abundantly.” That abundant life is a free gift. We must receive it as a free gift. Yes the Bible CONTRADICTS what most people think about Hell.

As in everything we have discussed so far, people have their own ideas and opinions about future judgment and what is involved. Many believe that one day they will stand before God and their good works will be weighed, and then their bad works will be weighed. If their bad works outweigh their good works, they go to Hell, and if their good works outweigh their bad works they go to Heaven. NO! You can’t find that in the Bible, not with a flashlight and crow bar. “Because He hath appointed a day in the which He will judge the world in righteousness by that man whom He hath ordained, whereof He hath given assurance in that He hath raised Him from the dead.”(Acts 17:30).

As a lost sinner, you will face the judgment bar of God at the Great White Throne and give account, (Rev. 20:11-15).

As a Son, you will face the Judgment Seat of Christ,(Ro.14:10-12) This is NOT to determine if you are saved or not, This is for rewards, or loss of rewards, according to our works. If you go to Heaven you MUST make that decision here, and NOW! I hope you will make that decision to receive Christ. He is our only Hope! “But as many as received Him to them gave He power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on His Name.” Just tell God, in your own words that you Believe in, that you trust in the finished work of Christ. He will hear your heart’s cry. Do that today! Yes, the Bible clearly CONTRADICTS what most people think about Judgment.

The teachings about ways of salvation is endless. All the way from PREDESTINATION to PROHIBITION. To the cults, salvation is by works they do. To many more, salvation is by baptism, or church membership, or by taking part in church ordinances or by partaking of a “wafer.” To some salvation is living right,  paying taxes, and giving to the poor. To some, salvation is in being a member of some society that has a mention of God somewhere in it’s by-laws. People trust in ways far too many to mention. But the Bible CONTRADICTS all of that . The Bible clearly teaches that SALVATION is  in a PERSON and that PERSON is Jesus Christ! Read what the Bible says; “Neither is there Salvation in any other, for there is none other name under Heaven given among men whereby we must be saved.” (Acts 4:12). Jesus said, “I am The Way…no man cometh unto the Father but by me.”Whoever we are, wherever we are, and however we are, we must come to Salvation God’s way; through faith in Jesus Christ ALONE. Whatever our race, color, nationality, Christ alone is the Way to God. It is not the Buddha way, or the Mormon way, or the Jehovah’s Witness way, or the Baptist way, or the Methodist way, or the Allah way, or a thousand other “ways.” We are saved the Jesus Way. Christ alone paid the price for our redemption on His Cross. We must receive that. Don’t get side tracked on some “religion.”Receive Salvation as a FREE GIFT . I remember speaking to a County Commissioner up in Georgia about his salvation. “Now preacher,” he said, “I believe one way and you believe another way, and I think that’s alright.” He further stated that he felt that salvation is like this; “I have to go to Atlanta on business quite often. Sometimes I am in a hurry and I take the expressway. Sometimes I am not in a hurry and I take the back roads through the farmlands. Both roads take me to Atlanta, so it doesn’t matter which way I choose.” The only thing wrong with that is, we are NOT going to Atlanta, we are going to Eternity. We had better make sure of the road we are traveling. All roads do NOT lead to Heaven.

Yes, the Bible is filled with many STRANGE CONTRADICTIONS about what people trust and believe in.

THINK ABOUT IT…Even SINCERITY does not save us. We can be sincere, but sincerely wrong! I once took a trip to Tifton Georgia and wound up in Valdosta Georgia instead. I was sincere every mile of the way. Sincere, but WRONG!

AND THE WORLD IS A WILDERNESS..It is no friend. The world offers ways, and many side streets. In Christ we have THE WAY, the ONLY WAY!


                  By Pastor George Mills

        “For now we see through a glass darkly,
         but then face to face.” (1Cor. 13:12).

      I asked, “What are you making?”
          As I watched a seamstress sew.
     “Oh it is a lovely quilt,
          For warmth when cold winds blow.”

      As I watched her work more closely,
          Not a pattern could I see,
      I saw only loose ends hanging
          Nothing there appealed to me.

      When she saw that I was puzzled,
          “Oh fret not,” she then replied,
      “You will see a thing of beauty,
           When you see the other side.”

       And then she turned the quilt around,
           “What beauty,” I replied,
       I beheld a lovely pattern,
            When I saw the other side.

      And now I stand along the shore,
            Near Jordan’s swelling tide,
      ‘Tis foggy here, but I’ll see more clear,
            When I see the other side.

       Down here my sight is clouded,
             Light is dim where I abide,
       But the way will be much clearer,
             When I see the other side.

        Here among the shadows,
             Faintly glows Eternal’s Light,
        But in that great tomorrow,
             My faith will turn to sight.

        There to dwell with Christ my Saviour,
            There forever to abide,
        To behold that place of beauty,
            When I see the other side.


                  FROM MY HEART
                     By Mildred Mills


I had gone to Ohio to be with our daughter, Susan, for the birth of their second little girl, Billie, and was having a happy and fun time being there with their oldest little girl, two year old Sunnie. I did all the things Grandma’s do when we get the opportunity and that included cooking for the family while Susan was taking care of their new born Billie. I made home made biscuits every morning with eggs and bacon and even tried grits, but the grits didn’t go over too well, remember we were in Northern Ohio. Well, one morning I decided to do pancakes, we sat down to eat and before we could bow our heads to ask the Lord to bless our food, Sunnie’s great big beautiful eyes got even bigger and she said, “Where are the biscuits?” She had enjoyed the home made biscuits each morning and was expecting them to be on the breakfast table as long as Mimi was there. The eggs, bacon and pancakes didn’t impress her one bit, she wanted biscuits! The shocked expression on her sweet little face and her direct and strongly stated question, “Where are the biscuits?” have brought much laughter at all our family gatherings down through the years. The other food meant nothing to her because the “Biscuits were missing.” Her breakfast was not complete because something was missing. She recognized what that something was and she made her wishes known and needless to say the biscuits were provided as long as Mimi was there. This is just a funny little family happening that means nothing to anyone but Mimi and the rest of the family, but our little two year old granddaughter  saw that something was missing, something that her little heart desired. How pleased Mimi was to be able to provide this particular desire—home made biscuits!
We, as Christians, have a table full of the blessings provided by our Lord at all times, but sometimes He would like for us to acknowledge Him and let Him know that we have a desire for something we don’t see on the table. Talk to Him and let Him know how something is missing in your life. Tell Him you have a special need and let Him know what the desires of your heart are. It pleases our Heavenly Father to give us, His children, the desires of our hearts.
“Delight thyself also in the Lord, and He shall give thee the desires of thine heart.” (Psa. 37:4).


                By Pastor George Mills 

“Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and for ever.” (Heb 13:8).

This is a wonderful text. I know of nothing that I may add that has not been preached or written about THE UNCHANGING CHRIST through the years. This is the seed-bed of many sermons on the immutability of Christ. Thank God for that glorious fact. We have studied the Book of Hebrews recently. Let me share with you some of these great truths. We are living in a changing world. Nothing ever stays the same.

Seasons change. Only a few days ago summer began and spring ended.

Society’s view of morals change. What was wrong when I was a young man is accepted as good and right today.

Religion changes. Today we have the new age movement, the new world order.

Governments change and politics change.

 Recently I visited the old neighborhood where I grew up. Everything has changed.
 And so it goes. I am glad that we serve THE UNCHANGING CHRIST. But the thought comes; “Just how is Christ the same today?” We cannot say that He is the same Babe in the manger, or same as the young man in the Temple at age 12. We cannot say that He is the same as He was in Pilate’s judgment hall. He is not the same as He was on the cross, and He is not the same as when they laid Him in the tomb. Things have changed. How then, is He the same yesterday, today, and forever?

1. He is the same in His PERSON.
That has never changed. That has not nor will it ever change. He has always existed equal with the Father. I do not have space in this small publication to list the references that refer to His Eternality. Genesis 1 says, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” The Book of Hebrews, ch.1 tells us that The Son (Christ) is the Great Creator. (Heb 1:1-2). John 1:1 says, “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” What was written in John 1:1 predates Genesis 1:1.You see, there just may be the slightest, smallest, teeniest, remotest possibility that Genesis 1:1 might be dated. Some try, but I have my doubts. But there is no dating John 1:1. That reaches into eternity past. Jesus Christ was there! Christ never changes.

As the Babe in the manger, He was God. (Isa. 7:14).

As that boy in the Temple, He was God. (Lk2:41-49)

In Pilate’s judgment hall, He was God. (Jn 18:33-38).

On the cross He was God. (Lk 23:39-42).

In the tomb He was God. “But God can’t die.” some will say. But one day He did!

He was God when He came walking from the tomb. “I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the First and the Last. I am alive for evermore and have the keys of Hell and Death.”

His PERSON has never changed. It matters not where we find Him in history, He is the same in His PERSON, that never changes.

2. He is the same in His POWER.
That has never changed! When He ascended into Heaven He called His disciples around Him and said, “All POWER is given unto Me in Heaven and in earth.” ALL POWER! While He lived here, satanic forces tested His Power time and time again. Man has three mortal enemies; The world, the flesh, and the devil. Jesus met them all head-on and defeated them all. He still has that Power. That will never change. He has the POWER to forgive all your past, to save you from the power, and penalty, and ultimately from the presence of sin.

3. He is the same in His PROMISES.
They never change.

He PROMISED to save those who would trust Him, (Jn 6:37).
He PROMISED to keep those He saves, (Jn 10:25-30).
He PROMISED us joy while we are on earth, (Jn. 15:11).
He PROMISED to return for the Church. “I will come again” I do not know the date, time, or the season or the signs, which are all in God’s hands. All I know is that HE PROMISED, and He cannot change His Mind. His PROMISES never change.

CHRIST never changes, (Heb 13:8)
GOD never changes. (Mal. 3:6).
HIS WORD never changes. (Psa. 119:89).

Now, if  I am going to be alive somewhere in, say  a million years from today, I am not going to trust my never dying soul to one, or something that is subject to change. I will trust the living, unchanging Christ. “Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, and today, and for ever.”

Is your faith and trust in that ONE who never changes? He never changes, but He can change everything about you, give you reason for living, and hope when you are dying, and PROMISES that will last through Eternity. Call upon Him today. He will hear the cry of your heart.


AND THE WORLD IS A WILDERNESS…It is no friend to the Christian. The world changes. The WORD does not.


               By Ashley Stevens


Every High School Senior has a moment when they have to decide what to do with their future. Plans must be made and they must begin preparing to enter into the world.. We are going to have to face many challenges that we must overcome. We must get into the world to experience ungodly situations and ungodly people in order to grow stronger as Christians. If you were privileged as I was to grow up in a Christian home, seeing the world is very hard to face. We need to be careful when being exposed to non-Christian situations like at school, a job, or even in the neighborhood. When Christians are exposed to non-Christian atmospheres, we need to make sure that the exposure does not lead us into embracing ungodly philosophies. We would all grow as strong, mature Christian teenagers if we listen to what God says in Psalm 1:1; “Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly.” Even though we sometimes have to be in a non-Christian atmosphere, we need to try to focus more in trying to be in a Christian atmosphere. We should not be around people who mock God, His Word, and most importantly, His role He plays in our lives. Instead, we should be around people who help us train in the Word of God, and who help us in guiding us in the right direction. This way we can have control of our lives so that they do not influence our way of thinking. We will be able to focus on God so that He can help us in preparing for our future, and becoming close to Him.
May God Bless you each and every day!
Until next time,                 Ashley Stevens.


 AND THE WORLD IS A WILDERNESS…it is no friend to the Christian. The noise of this world makes the music stop. We have the believer’s refuge in First John 1:9. We confess, we forsake, and the sweet music starts again!  


                By Pastor George Mills

“And I will cause the noise of thy songs to cease.” (Eze. 26:13).

My wife taught herself to play the piano. She practiced on a very old upright piano we had. I was so impressed with her dedication, I wanted to do something for her, so I bought her a new piano. It is a small piano, but quite nice. She has enjoyed this piano through the years. I love to listen as she plays the hymns of the church.
Our home is filled with little “what-nots” figurines, and souvenirs, so naturally the top of her piano is loaded with these things. One day her new piano did not sound so good. In fact, it sounded awful. This instrument that had produced such beautiful sounds before, suddenly produced an awful sound. If you hit a certain note, or key it sounded more like a buzz than it did a musical note. This was terrible. What has happened? She had tried so hard to take care of this piano. So we called the piano repairman to come and check it out. The repairman stayed only for a few minutes. He laughed as he handed my wife one of the little “what-nots” that had fallen from the top of the piano and was lodged between the frame and sounding board, causing a vibration which was the source of that awful noise. What a relief. Her piano was OK.
You know, when Christ comes into our life, He does not fix up the old, He makes us New. What beautiful music comes from the life of a new convert. They sing, they praise the Lord, they are in Church every service. What beauty! But far too many times, that joy, that praise, that music just stops. Something is wrong. If we would only examine our lives, so many times we would find that a small piece of this world has found it’s way into our lives and has stopped that fresh, beautiful sound of music. That’s the time to call upon the Great Physician to search out and reveal the problem. Ofttimes it is something small, but it made the music stop. Israel lost  their great songs as they were led captive into Babylon. The music started again when they were set free!
Psa. 137, Psa, 126.

By Pastor George Mills
“…the little foxes that spoil the vines..”
             (Song Of Solomon 2:15)

      It was just a thing so small
          That made the music stop,
      I did not even see it fall
          The day that it did drop.

      It was so small I could not tell,
          It was missing from it’s place,
      But it stopped the song the day it fell,
          The music, not a trace.

      It was just a “little sin” that day,
          But the hurt that it did bring,
      No more could I with joy pray,
          No more could my heart sing.

      Then I asked the Saviour in,
          To search and find the cause,
      Then He showed that “little sin,”
          That made the music pause.

      As I confessed my sin that day,
          He healed my wounded heart,
      And I am happy now to say,
           He made the music start.