By Mildred Mills


So many memories, precious memories, so many we could never mention them all, but I would like to share a few of our memories with you, ones that have made our lives what they are today. I remember the night I gave my heart to Jesus. I was thirteen years old and attending youth camp. What a glorious experience and I will never forget it. I remember well the Sunday Morning my husband went forward in our little church and asked Jesus to come into his heart. It was a time that I will never forget, a time that we had been praying for. I remember well when he told me that God was calling him to preach the Word, to tell others of the Good News he had heard. He wanted to see others come to the Lord and have a brand new life in Jesus. He has been preaching for forty five years and lives what he preaches. He is my husband, the father of my children, my pastor, and the love of my life. So many memories, precious memories. I remember having the sweet privilege of teaching each of our four little ones that Jesus loved them and gave His life for them. I remember how old each of them were when they asked Jesus to save them, where we were at the time and every little detail of how it came about. They were very young but knew exactly what they wanted and needed and that was Jesus. What a precious memory! I remember the birth of each of our precious grand children and all the sweet times we had together. The Lord has given us a life time of sweet and precious memories and we are still busy making more memories and I’m sure they will be precious too! My husband and I are looking forward to our 58th Wedding anniversary on July 31 and Lord willing that will be another precious memory. God is so good to His children and we need to remember His goodness to us. I have mentioned just a few of the many precious memories that are ours. I could never list them all but I will forever have them tucked away in my heart.
“Remember His marvelous works that He hath done.” (1Chr.16:12).