By Mildred Mills


There are mountain tops and there are valleys, but no middle ground for me! I can say that my times spent in the valleys have been very few and for this I am thankful. I am reminded that on both sides of the valley there are mountains and that is where I choose to be, on the mountain top. However, I find myself much closer and more in touch with the One who loved me and gave His life for me when I am down in the valley. I have to look up and trust Him more. He teaches us when we are in the valley to wait upon Him, to draw close to Him and to know that He is right there with us and in His time will allow us to get right back on the mountain top where we belong. We have become much stronger in the Lord because;   
             It’s In The Valley I Grow!

Sometimes life seems hard to bear,
   Full of sorrow, trouble and woe,
It’s then I have to remember,
   That it’s in the valleys I grow.

If I always stayed on the mountain top,
    And never experienced pain,
I would never appreciate God’s Love,
    And would be living in vain.

I have so much to learn,
    And my growth is very slow,
Sometimes I need the mountain tops,
But it’s in the valleys I grow.

I do not always understand,
    Why things happen as they do
But I am very sure of one thing,
    My Lord will see me through.

My little valleys are nothing,
    When I picture Christ on the Cross.
He went through the valley of death,
    His victory was Satan’s loss.

Forgive me Lord for complaining,
    When I’m Feeling so very low,
Just give me a gentle reminder,
    That’s it’s in the valleys I grow.

Continue to strengthen me, Lord,
    And use my life each day,
To share your love with others,
    And help them find their way.

Thank you for valleys, Lord,
    For this one thing I know,
The mountain tops are glorious,
    But it’s in the valleys I grow.

                    (Author Unknown)