We are right in the middle of Flu season and what a terrible illness to have. Seems like folks never get over it and have severe complications from this dreaded sickness. I would like to share with you the following article that was printed 60 years ago in the Baptist Bible Tribune. And is just as up to date and true today as it was back then… Flu and the Sundayitis “We have noticed that in some cases this flu has been lapsing into the dreaded disease called Sundayitis. Sundayitis is a disease that affects mainly the spiritually undernourished Christian. It’s symptoms are much the same in each case. The first attack almost always comes on Sunday mornings when a person thinks about getting up and going to Bible School, at this time. Sundayitis strikes it’s dreaded blow, and the thought comes, “I’ve worked so hard all week and besides that I’ve had a touch of the flu and beside that Sunday is the only day that I can rest and I need the rest.” At this point the said afflicted person usually makes one healthy turn in bed and back to sleep they go, while at the Church a faithful few struggle to keep the Church doors open, make it grow a little, pay the bills, so the Church will still be there for the afflicted persons to enjoy after they recover (if they do) from Sundayitis. About nine or ten o’clock when it’s too late to get ready for Bible School or Church, Sundayitis usually recedes and the afflicted person eats a hearty breakfast, goes to Aunt Susie’s for dinner, a drive in the country in the afternoon, or some other sport. Then about seven in the evening just before Church, another attack will most surely come to the afflicted person, the only known self-prescribed remedy is a quiet evening at home or at the neighbors. After Church the patient can enjoy a restful night and will not suffer any more attacks until the following Sunday.” (copied) We might get the Flu, but Sundayitis is one complication we will not have if our hearts are right with God. “I was glad when they said unto me, let us go into the house of the Lord.” (Psa. 122:1). To be in God’s House with those that love Him and to sing praises to Him and hear His Word being preached should bring joy, sweet peace, and happiness to us if we are truly His Children. See You Sunday!