Flipping the Page – Teen Talks That Matter

Flipping the Page – Teen Talks That Matter

As time goes on you get older and your life turns a page, so to speak.  I have recently experienced that first hand. Just a few weeks ago I turned twenty years old and I flipped the page of my teenage years. More importantly, the love of my life has asked me to marry him. In May of this year, I will join the man that God had planned for me and I will become his wife. He is the biggest earthly blessing the Lord has ever given to me, and I am grateful.

God doesn’t expect us to stay on one page in our book of life. He wants us to continue to flip those pages. He wants us to enjoy this life and live it for Him. Take on the new journeys in your life excited and ready to conquer it. Each page in your book has been perfectly laid out by God. Your book will not be perfect. Your book will show challenges. Make sure that your book shines.  Make sure that each chapter shows your love for Jesus and you living for Him.

I have enjoyed writing these publications and I thank Pastor Mills for allowing me to do this. It makes me very sad that this will be my last article. I will be moving and starting that new chapter that God has placed in my life. Throughout these years I have learned so much with the help of my church family. I am very grateful to have had this opportunity and I have made a lifetime of memories. I am looking forward to seeing what God has planned for my future. It is such a crazy thought to know that God has my whole life already planned out. He knows what step I am going to take next, the next journey in my life. He already knows everything. I shall rest assured that my future is in the hands of an awesome God. I will never doubt that His plan for me is perfect. So, don’t be afraid to turn the page, its all apart of God’s plan.


Thank you for an amazing ride,

May God bless you each and everyday,

Ashley Stevens 🙂