This Publication is sent in bulk to many prisons, jails, and rescue missions. We also help some prison inmates in getting a Bible (KJV). We also offer our own Wilderness Tracts and other helps for new converts.

While the distribution of the Wilderness is free and postage paid, we depend upon the generosity of Gods people everywhere. There is never a solicitation for funds, and we have nothing for sale. Thanks to the help of friends out there, we have been able to continue this Ministry over 30 years. It is our sincere desire that we can touch your life with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We are an outreach Ministry of the Yukon Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida. Yukon Baptist is a small congregation with the world in view. This Church was established in 1940 just west of the Jacksonville Naval Air Station. Yukon Baptist Church has had the privilege of ministering to many Military families over the years. This Church has been a most fruitful Church, and continues today to bear fruit for the Saviour. However, we believe that our best days are ahead

of us. We greet you in The Name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Mildred Mills, wife of Pastor George Mills for 58 years has been writing for the Wilderness since the first edition in June, 1976. Her writings have appeared in other publications. You will

enjoy reading her COLUMN; FROM MY HEART